Train Accidents Happen and Can Be Catastrophic to Those Involved

Train accidents happen every year. Sadly, when one or more trains are involved in an incident of this type, large numbers of people tend to be hurt or killed. Railway operators cannot guarantee the safety of the passengers. However, they are required to take certain steps to avoid harm coming to those making use of the railroad. Furthermore, they must do so with the highest degree of vigilance and care. A failure in this area can lead to the railway being held accountable for any injuries sustained or deaths that occur. As a result, any person injured in a train accident should contact Frekhtman & Associates right away.

Passenger Injuries

Trains travel at a high rate of speed and passengers aren’t protected in the event of an accident. They don’t have seat belts or things of this nature to safeguard them in this situation. As a result, a person may suffer catastrophic injuries or die as a result of the incident. If the railroad line is found to be negligent in any way, compensatory damages may be obtained by the victim or his or her loved ones. Furthermore, damages may be sought if a person is injured while entering or exiting the train and it can be shown the railway was at fault for the incident.

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However, passengers aren’t the only ones who may be injured in an accident of this type. Often, bystanders become victims of a train accident and this typically occurs at those railroad crossings that don’t have any lights or signals to alert drivers to an oncoming train. If the lights or signals aren’t working properly, the railway line can be held accountable. The same is true when a bystander is injured as a result of a derailment or hazardous cargo spill.

Contact Frekhtman & Associates if you have been injured in any type of train accident. The team meets with potential clients to learn the facts of the case and whether compensation should be sought. Railroad operators need to recognize they are responsible for their actions, just as any person is when they fail to take proper action. A lawsuit to obtain this compensation ensures they are held liable and must pay for their failure.

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